Công tác "Mục Vụ Online" tại TD Canada

Chị Tú mới chia sẻ với chị em về công tác Mục vụ Online, với nhiều dạng thức phong phú, mà thư gởi chúc Noel các bạn trẻ qua mạng là một ví dụ. Mời các chị đọc qua nhé... Hình Hang đá Giáng sinh là hình chụp các em khiếm thị bên nhà Huynh Đệ Như Nghĩa của mình đó nhé, dễ thương không??? (xin phép chị Hồng Loan nha - cám ơn chị).

Ottawa November 27, 2013.

Letter to young people

Dear friends,

This letter may arrive to your mail box in the midst of winter where snow storm and freezing rain are all over place!   The winter will be more challenging if you are far away from your loved ones while working on your exams or earning for living.  Just let you know that we have thought of you.  Please, don’t hesitate to contact us when you need someone just to listen to you.  Our congregation in Canada has a group of young sisters who are passionate in journeying with you and they are also very committed to God. 

Just let you know that we feel delighted to get to know you. Our team includes sister Pascaline,  Françoise, Lucie Eglise, Souham, Marianna, Thu Trang and Rita Kim. Since our congregation (Franciscan Missionaries of Mary) is an international religious order, so our teamwork is also very international!  If you would like to see the richness of diversity, come and see!  Our website is fmmcanada.org.  You will see the persons in contact. The photo attached was taken in one special occasion “vocation breakfast” in diocese of Ottawa where we met some of you. 

Wishing you a Christmas and a New Year, 2014 with LOVE, HOPE and FAITH ! 

Remember you dearly in our daily prayers.

Maria Tu, fmm.